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Bali, the Island of the Gods

Bali, known as the Island of Gods, is the only Hindu island in Indonesia, where Islam is the dominant religion.

Originating in India, Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, meaning that the existence of several gods is accepted. The Balinese worship the same divine trinity: Brahma, the creator, Shiva, the destroyer residing at the top of Mount Agung, and Vishnu, the protector who has come to Earth nine times to help mankind.

The ceremonies

The Balinese are very religious. Ceremonies and prayers are an integral part of their daily life. Not a day goes by without a festival or ritual taking place somewhere on the island.

Prayer time during a ceremony at a local house in Nusa Ceningan

There is a ceremony that punctuates every stage of a Balinese person's life and gives rise to magnificent processions.

  • The 3 month ceremony is to bring the baby into the world. A priest comes to the family temple where offerings are given to the god of the Sun and the 5 elements.

  • The tooth filing ceremony marks the transition from childhood to adulthood and is therefore an important rite of passage for young Hindus. According to the belief, this ritual helps to get rid of evil spirits and the teenager is made spiritually and physically more beautiful.

  • The cremation ceremony is very important because it is the last ceremony in the life of a Balinese. This ritual is like a festive day, lived in gaiety and joy.

There is also the odolan ceremony which takes place on the anniversary of each temple on the island according to the lunar calendar, every 210 days. The ceremony is more important the larger the temple. Since there are 20,000 temples on the island, there is a good chance that you will come across one of these ceremonies...

The temples

It is said that Bali has more temples than people. This is because the temples represent a link between the Balinese and their gods. Thus, in addition to the main temples (such as those of Besakih, Tanah Lot and Uluwatu) where the great ceremonies take place, each house has its own temple, more or less important depending on the wealth of the family.

Tanah Lot

Uluwatu temple

Besakih temple

The offerings

Present in front of every temple and every house, offerings to the Gods take a considerable place in the daily life of the Balinese. Renewed several times a day, they are as necessary as eating, drinking and breathing. It is believed that the more time the Balinese spend making offerings, the closer they get to the gods.

It is impossible not to smell the incense of the floral offerings that fill the air around the island and are part of the magic of Bali...

Different types of Balinese offerings

The great richness of Balinese culture is one of the main assets of the island. The Hindu rites, the Balinese traditions and their art of living will leave you with a lasting memory!

If you wish to explore the seabed of Bali while discovering this vast culture, this is possible with our different safaris which allow you to alternate diving and visiting days at your own pace!

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