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Tulamben Map Bali , plongée à  Tulamben


It is a seaside village in north east Bali about 2 hours drive from Sanur. The landscape is arid and its beach consists of pebbles and black sand.

It is here that divers from around the world meet to discover the wreck of the USS Liberty, beached in 1942 and moved to the sea in 1963 after the eruption of Mount Agung.



Any level

26 to 30°C

The Liberty was a 120 meter long freighter built in 1918 in New Jersey (USA) and requisitioned by the US Army during the Second World War. During his last trip, he was hit by two torpedoes from a Japanese submarine on June 11, 1942 when he crossed the Lombok Strait. He was towed towards Singaraja, but taking too much water, he was intentionally stranded on the beach of Tulamben to be emptied of his cargo. He remained from 1942 to 1963 on the beach. The earthquake, caused by the eruption of Mount Agun, made him slide into the sea.

Thus, Bali has this world famous diving site with this wreck for more than 50 years, and what a pleasure for us to make you discover it.

USS LIBERTY Wreck is 40 meters from the edge of Tulamben beach and placed on the sand between 6 to 28 meters deep. You will meet barracudas, pygmy seahorses hidden in multicolored gorgonians, groupers, batfish, angelfish, parrot fish, tiger pond, eels, jackfish, black tip sharks or white tips, nudibranchs or turtles.

The shipwreck has a lot to offer for both photographers and naturalists. Don't forget to dive on the USS Liberty for night dive to meet the humpback parrot or the Spanish dancer!


Tulamben - Drop Off

Any level

26 to 30°C

The Tulamben Drop off forms three giant fingers from 3 meters deep and up to 70 meters. It is formed by lava flows and covered with giant gorgonians up to 3 meters and a multitude of coral giant sponges, food source for parrot fish.

You can meet black tip sharks, dogtooth tunas, stingrays, humphead wrasse or humphead parrots. The coral is in very good health and has survived the passage of el nino (hot water flow) very well.


Coral Garden

Good level

26 to 30°C

This dive site is located in front of the main Tulamben hotels and the coral is quite young (about fifteen years old). This site is not very deep but it is one of the richest areas of Tulamben: it is here that you can meet the most leaf fish, moray, reef fish, oriental gatrins, triggerfish, shrimps, crinoids, nudibranchs... Finally, this magnificent coral reef offers different varieties of clown fish hidden in the anemones (white, green, blue).


Seraya Secret

Any level

26 to 30°C

With Seraya Secret, you enter the paradise of the macro! If you are fond of "little ones", you will be delighted! Each sponge, gorgon, comatula or patch of sand is home to a multitude of nudibranchs, shrimps (including the famous harlequin shrimp), porcelain crabs, scorpion fish, lion fish, stone fish, frog fish or ghost fish. Open your eyes, they are hiding everywhere...


daily dive trip

From the beach 

 With Jukung

(traditional balinese boat)

Scuba diving

1.900.000 Rp/pers. 

(around. 115€ / 123 $)*

2.000.000 Rp/pers. 

(around. 120€ / 130$)*

Snorkeling (incl. equipment)

1.000.000 Rp/pers.

(around. 60€ /65$)*

1.000.000 Rp/pers.

(around. 60€ / 65$)*

* Based on current exchange rate (see XE.COM Currency Converter for information).


  • Transfer from your hotel (Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua) to our diving center

  • Transport by bus and / or boat to the dive site

  • 2 dives accompanied by a PADI certified guide

  • Lunch and drinks

  • Aluminum air tank 12L, weight, porters

  • PADI Insurance, Oxygen Case

  • Taxes


  • Supplement requested for the transfer from your hotel if it does not appear in the withdrawal list (Example: Balangan, Canggu, Uluwatu, Sidemen ...)

  • Equipment (combination, stabs, regulator, fins, mask, snorkel) for 300.000 Rp (about 20 € / 22 $) / day / pers.

  • Rental of a single item of equipment (stabs, regulator, computer ...) for 80.000 Rp (about 5 € / 5 $) / day / pers.

  • Possibility of a third dive:

    • By day for 500.000 Rp / pers. (about 28 € / 30 $)

    • By night for 800.00 Rp / pers. (about 458 € / 52 $)

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