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5 good reasons to dive with Nitrox

What is Nitrox and what are the advantages of diving with Nitrox? We explain it all here! First of all, the term "NITROX" comes from the contraction of the English words Nitrogen and Oxygen.

The air we breathe is composed of 21% oxygen (O2), 78% nitrogen (N2) and 1% other gases (argon, helium, neon) whereas Nitrox is composed of only oxygen (32 to 36%) and nitrogen. Diving with Nitrox means diving with air enriched in oxygen (O2) and depleted in nitrogen (N2).

It is difficult for the body to eliminate excess nitrogen breathed in underwater during a dive. Reducing the percentage of nitrogen in Nitrox allows the diver's body to absorb less nitrogen and eliminate it more easily. This depletion of nitrogen in Nitrox gives it several advantages:

1. Increase of the safety curve

2. Reduced risk of decompression illness

3. Increased dive time

4. Decreased decompression time and surface interval

5. Decreased fatigue after dives

However, diving with Nitrox requires some precautions. As oxygen becomes toxic at greater depths, it is essential to respect the maximum depth planned before the dive. For example, with a 32% oxygen Nitrox mix, you cannot dive beyond the 40 metre limit.

Nitrox equipment is differentiated by the colours yellow and green.

You will also find the abbreviation EAN or EANx which stands for Enriched Air Nitrox.

The Nitrox speciality is accessible to beginners, from 15 years old.

If you want to benefit from all the advantages of Nitrox diving, we offer you the opportunity to become certified in just one day! You will be given a course explaining the rules and procedures for using Nitrox and you will learn how to analyse your tank and plan your Nitrox dives.

If you are already Nitrox certified, we will provide you with free Nitrox on your day trips, training courses or diving safaris!

See you soon in Bali...



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