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Applications to download before arriving in Bali

ou are about to go on a trip to Bali and you are wondering which applications to download on your mobile? Today, in the digital age, we forget a little maps and dictionaries to leave room for a single tool: our smartphone. Bali Breizh advises you! By arriving on a trip to Bali, if you stay a few weeks, you can choose to buy a SIM card with an internet connection, it is not very expensive and without commitment. This will allow you to be always connected during your holidays and to be able to manage a little during your days without a guide (English or French speaking).

You will be able to connect to wifi in all restaurants and hotels during your trip.

Here below, a non-exhaustive list of applications that Bali Breizh Divers advises you:

  • Go Jek & Grab

If this is the first trip to Indonesia for you, you may not know what this app is, but it will be useful if you want to travel without a driver for short distances, and you can't necessarily rent a scooter.

These apps offer you a lot of affordable services; you can order a driver (two-wheelers), order food, order a masseur, shopping... During your holidays in Bali, this app will be very useful (only to be used with a 3G/4G connection or wifi).

Grab in Bali

An application that gives you access to an offline map, and a GPS. You can also search for places offline. You only need to have downloaded the map of Bali beforehand (you can do it on wifi when you arrive or from home before departure). During your trip to Bali, this application will be useful both on foot and if you rent a scooter, in order to get around during your free days without internet. N.B: Many restaurants are not displayed or even on Google Maps.

  • Around me

An almost indispensable application during your trip to Bali, which allows you to find all the restaurants, supermarkets, beach clubs... around you in order to be as independent as possible during your holidays!

  • Google Traduction

You also know this application. But did you know that by downloading the Bahasa Indonesia language, it will allow you to translate anything you want offline. This could be useful during your trip to Bali, when you go to a typical market where nobody speaks English, in a small warung (=restaurant) or simply, if you want to talk a little with the locals!

  • XE Currency

Between the euro and the rupiah, the difference is huge and it is sometimes difficult to calculate and know how much that dish costs, or how much you should bargain for that souvenir. This application will be very useful during your stay in Bali, it will allow you to always know what the Indonesian currency rate is.

N.B: Always remember to negotiate, if the prices are not displayed.

  • What's App

Even if we are still one of the few countries to use sms to communicate, while WhatsApp allows both sms, calls, voice messages, send photos in large quantities ... and all this by internet, so for the same price whether you write in France, Indonesia or elsewhere. During your trip to Bali, it will allow you to communicate with your relatives or your family in France, and also with us, Bali Breizh Divers. You can text us or call us if necessary, we remain available for you!

See you soon,


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