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Bali and COVID-19

To date, Indonesia is still closed to international tourism, with only those with work permits, retirement permits or business visas allowed to enter the country.

According to the Indonesian President, the borders will be reopened with the arrival of the vaccine.

It has been announced that a first wave of vaccination will take place in the third week of December 2020

On the spot, the health protocol has already been put in place for several months, with compulsory wearing of a mask outside your home, taking of temperature each time you enter a shop or public place and cleaning of hands before going through a door.

Thus, with the respect of the rules of benevolence, #Bali has not been overwhelmed by contamination, the local authorities ensure that everyone respects the barrier gestures and containment in case of contamination.

As of mid-November in Bali, there are 652 active cases according to official data for a total of 12,759 cases with 11,702 people cured and 405 people dead. Authorities have significantly increased the number of daily tests in recent weeks and say that many of the new cases detected are asymptomatic.

17 hospitals are licensed and prepared to receive Covid-19 patients. The number to call in case of symptoms is 0361 25 11 77 or by WhatsApp on 0857 9224 0799.

For more details, please visit Useful information can also be found on the French Embassy website.

Kuta beach, Bali

However, as tourism is the main activity in Bali, the island's economy is under strain and many Balinese have returned to their villages to work in the fields and rice paddies. Mutual aid is very present on the island to help the most destitute.

To help them, various funds have been created via gogetfunding or other platforms.

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Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida, Bali


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