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If there's one place you'll remember from your trip to Bali, it's the rice paddies. Walking through these cultures is like immersing yourself in the heart of a local tradition. Some of them are listed as Unesco World Heritage sites, so Bali's rice paddies will make your trip unique and memorable.

Jatiluwih :

The Jatiluwih rice terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage site, are one of Bali's natural gems. Set high in the mountains, these rice terraces offer beautiful panoramic views. Here, local farmers practise traditional agriculture in harmonywith nature. You can walkalong the pathsthrough the ricefields, admiring the beauty of the scenery and learning more about the terraced farming methods.

Rice paddies in Jatiluwih in Bali
Jatiluwih rice paddies


Tegallalang :

The Tegallalang rice terraces in Bali are a truework of natural art. Set in the green hills, these rice terraces offer breathtaking panoramas. The steps carved into the slope create a unique cascading landscape. Local farmers grow rice here using traditional methods handed down from generation to generation.

Rice paddies in Tegallalang in Bali
Tegallalang rice paddies


Sidemen :

The Sidemen region is renowned for its tranquillity and authenticity, offering visitors an immersive experience of rural Bali. Bali's Sidemen rice fields offer a picturesque and unspoilt landscape. Nestling in the green hills, these rice terraces offer panoramic views of the Balinese countryside. These rice terraces are a must-see destination for those seeking natural beauty and a true cultural immersion in Bali.

Rice paddies in Sidemen in Bali
Sidemen rice paddies


Belimbing :

Bali's Belimbing rice fields are a real hidden treasure. Located in the central highlands of the island, these rice terraces offer spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Less crowded than other tourist sites, the Belimbing rice fields offer a peaceful, unspoilt atmosphere, perfect for an authentic Balinese countryside experience. Local farmers practise traditional agriculture, cultivating rice with care and perpetuating the methods inherited from their ancestors. Visitors can stroll along the paths winding through the rice fields, capturing stunning photos and connecting with Bali's nature and culture.

Rice paddies in Belimbing in Bali
Belimbing rice paddies


Bali's rice paddies are much more than just an agricultural landscape; they embody the very essence of Balinese culture and life. These cascading terraces, symbols of the harmony between man and nature, offer breathtaking panoramas and an authentic immersion in the island's rural life. As you explore these rice fields, you'll be able to feel the spirituality and serenity that emanate from these places, while discovering ancestral farming practices handed down from generation to generation. Bali's rice paddies are a cultural treasure to be preserved, part of the natural beauty of this fascinating island.

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