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Divemaster course or Divemaster Internship, what you will choose?

Much more than just a certification. The PADI Divemaster course is the first step to become professional, and not only the most rewarding scuba diving certification .... It will take you time and energy. The formula, that you will choose, depends on your actual diving level and the time you have.

You must log at least 40 dives to begin the Divemaster course, and reach 60 to achieve the certification.

  • For a rescue diver and 40 dives, the easy way to become Divemaster is to choose the course for 2 weeks. It’s the faster way to follow the program and get the PADI Divemaster certification.

  • For diver under rescue diver level or under 40 dives logged, who has to complete all the requirement needed, is to follow the Divemaster internship from 4 weeks to 3 months; The Advantage of divemaster internship is to take part of the dive center life, log dives missing, get PADI certification up to Rescue Diver, welcome other divers, follow them, prepare briefing, assist the instructor, learn to guide, and supervise a group in addition to the Divemaster course

To get your first experience in divemaster position, the best way is to choose the Divemaster internship. For further information, contact your dive center, or follow us on social media to stay in touch.


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