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How do Balinese people choose the names of their children?

In Bali, there are no family names; it is the parents who give their children a name, three months after birth. In the same family, each member is given a different name. This name can be chosen based on a physical characteristic, the circumstances of birth, or qualities that the parents wish their child to possess.

As for Balinese first names, they are assigned based on the birth order. So, if a child is born first, they may be called Wayan or Putu, suitable for both sexes. A variant includes "Gede" for a boy and "Luh" for a girl. The second child will be named Made, with variants like Nengah or Kadek, and then the third child will be called Nyoman or Komang. Finally, the fourth child will be named Ketut.

If the family has more than four children, the cycle repeats by assigning the same name to the fifth child as the first, possibly adding additional variants such as "Alit" or "Balik".

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