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Diving in Bali is to dive in the coral triangle well known to divers to meet a multitude of underwater life, both pelagic and colorful reef fish, and an exceptional underwater fauna. For the amateurs of photography, their objective is to be able to bring back with them the photos of the meetings made under water, with some rare specimens, I want to speak about the nudibranchs which are part of the macro diving (meaning the small underwater specimens)

Nudibranchs are hermaphroditic invertebrates called sea slugs which have beautiful and colorful dresses, and which are differentiated in a multitude of families: Doridians, Eolidians, Dendronotaceae, Arminaceae:

-Doridians (Doridina): the body is flattened, with generally a branchial plume located at the back of the mantle and often surrounding the anus.

- the eolidians (Aeolidiina): the back of the mollusc is carrying more or less numerous papillae (the "cerata"), which are used as gills, extensions of the digestive gland and glands with poison for the defense.

- Dendronotaceae (Dendronotina): the gill appendages are located at the periphery of the mantle.

- Arminaceae (Arminina) : the surface of the mantle is wrinkled (with or without dorsal appendages), the retractile rhinophores and the gills are located under the mantle in its anterior part.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of nudibranchs that the dive guides will take you to discover.

Chromodoris coi,

Polycera capensis,

Cratena peregrina,

Glaucus atlanticus,

but also the Spanish Dancer,

nudibranch rabbit,

sheep nudibranch...

To observe this majestic underwater life, follow the guides to the diving sites, known for the macro:

Jetty: it is a jetty on Padang Bay planned to accommodate cruise ships, but which was never set up. The diving takes place under the pontoons and you can discover an unsuspected life there.

Seraya Secret: located on Tulamben, offers on a gentle slope, an incredible life of small specimens as well for macro in general as for nudibranchs, the Spanish dancer is often observed there.

Puri Jati: located not far from lovina, on a gentle slope, mainly sandy, offers an exceptional macro life with among others a variety of nudibranchs

Secret Bay: located on Gilimanuk not far from the port for Banyuwangi, shallow site of 8 to 10 meters at high tide offers a dive dedicated to rare and extraordinary specimens for macro diving enthusiasts.

For Further information, please feel free to contact your dive center Bali Breizh Divers in Bali


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