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Update: Travel to Bali in June 2022

Want to go elsewhere, sun, warm sea and change of scenery after the last 2 years of restrictions. In this blog, we give you the information you need before leaving and what it is good to know for a successful stay.

In the middle of 2022, to come to Bali / Indonesia:

- You must have your full vaccination schedule (2 doses minimum against Covid-19) and bring proof of vaccination in English.

- Download the PeduliLindungi app (there is no need to do anything else with this application).

- Have a ticket to return or to leave the Indonesian territory

- Once you arrive at the airport, you must purchase a "visa on arrival" by paying Rp 500,000 (€35). You can extend your visa for another 30 days at an immigration office in Bali by paying another €35.

Ready to board.... let's go.....

No need to change your Euros in Rupiah, the exchange rate in Europe is very disadvantageous, you will have a better rate if you come with your currencies and change them on the spot in the unofficial money changers (those of the airport do not give the best rates), also avoid the money changers with a tempting rate (above the legal rate) and who have another activity on the side, either there will be a commission, or they will make you a magic trick to make you disappear the rupiahs, never let them be the last one to count them if you do not like the magic

Download the application to know the international rate (higher than in money changers)

Your means of transportation, you can have a car and driver for the duration of your stay, it is the most comfortable, but it has a cost. You can decide to take it only for a few selected days, or to rent your own car or 2 wheels. If you have no experience in 2 wheels, this is not the best place to learn, driving on the left, respecting the rules of driving different from your home country. If you choose this option, download an application like to get around without internet.

If none of these solutions suit you, download the application Go-jek or Grab, it is both the local UBER, car or 2 wheels, home meal delivery, and parcel delivery, it will be your ally for your stay.

If you stay more than 30 days in Indonesia, you have to declare your phone at the airport to the customs service or do it beforehand online, referring to your IMEI, because there is a tax if your phone cost you more than 500 USD, so maybe bring your old phone if you had a pleasure recently.

In order not to break the bank by calling locals with your cell phones switch to WhatsApp, all Indonesians use it.

You can buy a local SIM card with your passport, then you will have internet on your phone depending on the subscription free plan you choose

If you don't speak Indonesian, think about downloading Google Translation on your phone, it will be a great help, most of them speak English, but depending on where you are, the national language is Indonesian and the language spoken in the villages is Balinese.

Don't worry about electric adapters, they are 220V plugs like in Europe.

To prepare your trip, there are many tips on FACEBOOK groups, you can also find English-speaking guides before arrival.

For your diving or snorkelling trips, your agency Bali Breizh Divers will advise you according to the time you want to spend, and your diving level.

You can text us or call us if you need, we remain available for you!


See you soon at Bali Breizh Divers !


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