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Visit Bali

Since October 2021, Bali's international airport has reopened for travelers.

However there was not the expected success, airlines have not yet set up their travel route and the quarantine required of travelers has dampened the collective enthusiasm of last month.

Since November 02, 2021, due to the improved health situation, the entry requirements for international travelers to Indonesia have been relaxed again.

The Indonesian authorities have confirmed the reduction of the quarantine imposed on travelers from abroad to 3 days from the date of entry into Indonesia.

This measure applies to all travelers. Other measures previously in place remain in effect, including

- the requirement for travelers to provide proof of a complete vaccination schedule that is at least 14 days old or to undergo vaccination upon arrival in Indonesia;

- the need to perform a PCR test less than 72 hours prior to flight departure and to agree to be tested upon arrival and on the second day of quarantine;

- Mandatory use of the PeduliLindungi tracking application for the duration of the stay in Indonesia.

People who will travel to Indonesia in the next few days are invited to check with their travel agency or airline to ensure that they meet the requirements for entry into Indonesia.

(source: News Indonesia)

Also facing these changes in health restrictions, we can hope that we are heading towards a return to normal for Bali. The VOA (visa on arrival) is not yet back in force, so you must obtain a visa tourist B211A to be requested from agents on Bali (count between 300 and 400 €).

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